Experience & Capabilities

The company has 30 employees with 14 drill teams with 19 different type of drill units. The drill crews average 15 years of experience, each, in the industry. All drilling personnel have updated hazardous waste training. The company has been involved with hundreds of environmental projects over the years. Included in these projects are typical UST sites, Landfill subsurface investigations and groundwater monitoring programs, Phase II Environmental Site Assessments for commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities. Our client base encompasses the entire southeastern United States.

The company has assembled a fleet of seven truck mounted drill rigs, four ATV mounted rigs, one air rotary rigs, two Direct Push Geoprobe 7822, and a two Acker Ace compact rig for extremely tight spaced auger drilling, rock coring and rock drilling.

  • Soil Drilling and Sampling

  • Boring and Well Abandonments

  • Monitor Well Installation and Development

  • Monitor Well Purging and Sampling

  • Water Well Drilling & Pump Installations

  • Well Drain Cleanout, USACE Dam and Impoundment Structures

  • Borehole Permeability Testing

  • Soil and Rock Grouting

  • Water Hauling